Life Gaming Clan

Thank You

I thank you for visiting the website again, but there isn't much for you to see anymore that's relevant in this day and age. If you want to see old information, I've kept it preserved, just ask me to restore portions of the site back, but for now it was a trip to see all of the old blog posts, main site updates, and member lists. I'll continue to act as information keeper and continuing to renew access to this site so it doesn't get lost in time forever, but as of now I'm doing a clean up. For those who are looking to contact us, find me at just shoot me a friend invite and if I don't think your a Russian keylogger I'll message back. For those who already know me, you know where to find me, I'm not going anywhere. And by a stroke of luck if you just want to stop by, try the Chat Box page, you might be surprised.

-Kaitou, aka Maru Mari, aka Marumariball

January 19th, 2016